Joe Koltay

Joe Koltay (Lead Guitar & Vocals)

Name: Sandor P. Koltay Jr. (Joe)
Born: St. Petersburg Florida
On Stage Experience: 25 years

Joe,(Founder of CELLFISH and Co.) started playing guitar at age seven. Inspired by many of the bands you will find in the song list, he has never stopped playing. Through his years of playing Joe has developed his own unique style and sound.

The early 90’s brought Joe into the spotlight after forming a Metallica tribute band named “Vertigo”,and then “420” Joe injected original arrangements into the performances, and wrote many original compositions.

Joe continued the band’s legacy with alternate players. A chemistry was sparked when Joe happened across a couple of unnamed musicians. They all collaborated and dempt themselves “420” which later evolved into “Cellfish”. Joe has produced and scheduled all of Cellfish’s expeditions and shows. Joe also offers guitar theory lessons, and Guitar Repair which includes guitar setup. Joe wants it to be known that he sends thanx to God, friends, family, fans, whom all have helped him achieve today’s Cellfish.

Joe has been writing and performing music for 37 years. Joe said that he “went through many players” trying to find the right guys that “just clicked”.

Possibly through fate but definitely through a lot of attrition, Joe found Lee Harrison from Monstrosity, together Joe and Lee are the power work house that the fans come to love and expect.

The Cellfish Bands reputation of providing great entertainment with quality gear has supported the mainstay of their popularity.