Lee Harrison


Lee Harrison from Monstrosity/terrorizer/lavoizen

Full Throttle Magazine Interview

FT: Do you have any Nicknames?
LEE: A few….
FT: Where are you originally from?
LEE: Grew up in Miami
FT: When did you come to Florida?
LEE: Born and raised here in Florida
FT: How old were you when you became involved in music?
LEE: I was 7 years old.
FT: What got you started?
LEE: An older friend played me a Kiss record and I was hooked.
FT: What instrument do you play in the band?
LEE: I play drums
FT: Do you play any other instruments?
LEE: I play guitar bass and sing too…. some keys… I have a project called Lavoizen where I play all the instruments.
FT: Do you write any music?
LEE: I write a lot of music.
FT: Did you go to school for music?
LEE: I’ve taken lessons on and off.
FT: Do you have any ties to national acts?
LEE: I am the founder of the death metal band Monstrosity. We’ve toured all over the place. We’ve played in Bogota Colombia, Lima Peru, Brazil, Puerto rico, Venezuela, we are one of the few bands to do a full tour of Mexico. We are one of the few bands to ever play Guatemala too… Other than that we have done numerous European and US tours. www.monstrosity.us – www.myspace.com/monstrosity1
FT: List the previous bands you played for.
LEE: I was in Malevolent Creation in 1989. They went on to do 3 records for Roadrunner records and are still putting out releases today. I then formed my own band Monstrosity and have released 5 records and we are writing a sixth now. I’ve played with a few local cover bands but have been with Cellfish for about 10 years.

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