Joe and the Cellfish band

Floridas high performance rock band

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The Gear

QSC/Crown Amplifiers

JBL/Carvin Speakers

Sennheiser/Shure Mics

Yamaha Mixers

Peavey Floor Monitors

Behringer Compressors/Crossovers

Zoom Effects

1973 Les Paul Custom (Black)

2004 Dkmg Jackson (Black)

1985 Les Paul Standard (Black)

1989 Jackson Soloist (Black)

1975 Ibanez Artist Acoustic

Custom Fender Precision Bass Special (4 string); Hartke 5-string bass.

Sonor/Tama Drums

Amps & Stuff
Carvin X 100b Tubed Amps

Marshall 4×12 Cabs

Ernie Ball Volume Pedals

Zoom Effects

Dunlop Crybaby

.50 Mm Tortex/Clayton Picks

D’Addario Strings